Ten Financial Applications of Machine Learning


We’ve teamed up with Dr Marcos López de Prado*, founder of, CEO of True Positive Technologies and a leading expert in mathematical finance,  for a special webinar based on his popular research on financial applications of machine learning.

  • Gather knowledge from an expert that has been in the industry for over 20 years.
  • Learn how to avoid common pitfalls of machine learning.
  • Utilize Marcos’ research to enhance your trading strategy.

You can access the PDF of the webinar presentation here.


Dr. López de Prado manages several multibillion-dollar funds for institutional investors using machine learning (ML) algorithms. One of the top-10 most read authors in finance (SSRN’s rankings), he has published dozens of scientific articles on ML in the leading academic journals, and he holds multiple international patent applications on algorithmic trading. Marcos earned a PhD in Financial Economics (2003), a second PhD in Mathematical Finance (2011) from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and is a recipient of Spain’s National Award for Academic Excellence (1999). He completed his post-doctoral research at Harvard University and Cornell University, where he teaches a Financial ML course at the School of Engineering. Marcos has an Erdös #2 and an Einstein #4 according to the American Mathematical Society.

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