How to use NLP Software to Automate Your Trading

Capitalise is a trading platform that uses NLP technology to take your trading strategy from an idea into a fully automated system. Simply type your trading strategy into the easy-to-use interface in plain English, then watch your strategy run automatically.

Automate your trading strategy using natural language processing (NLP) with

Using if/then logical operators, tell Capitalise your entry and exit conditions to begin building your strategy. Then, test the strategy. Not performing how you thought? Go back to the dashboard and edit your idea until you get it just right.

Plan like a human, trade like a machine

How It Works

Your trading strategy is a set of rules laying out specific market conditions to trigger an entry and/or exit of the market. In its most basic form, it’s made up of an entry strategy, but typically combines both entry and exit strategies. These linked entry/exit strategies create a loop that can continuously shift into and out of position.

Your strategy can depend on one condition or many. Those conditions can be based on an asset’s price (whether it’s the asset you intend to trade or a separate one), a technical indicator, profit, loss, or any other attribute related to an asset.

To get started, simply begin typing your strategy logic using if/then logical operators. The platform will guide you to make sure your logic is entered in a way the machine can translate into a trading strategy.

Capitalise Strategy Builder

Not sure where to start? Capitalise has several examples and tutorials to walk you through building your own custom strategy. Check it out!

What Else Can I Do with Capitalise?

Capitalise also offers the ability to send custom email alerts when a particular market condition is hit. Since it’s stored server-side, you don’t have to worry about keeping the platform on 24/7 to send alerts. Simply write out your logic and never miss a market signal with these convenient alerts.

Get Started!

Access the platform and log in with your FXCM demo account to get started.

Need a demo account? Click here to create a free practice account you can use to test your NLP strategy.

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