QuantNews is proud to provide a gateway into some of the most high-tech open source algorithmic trading tools currently available. Information is broken down in different categories and will be updated as more unique resources are created by the community.

General Resources

Download free FX tick data using python

An open source trading infrastructure

C# Resources

Forex Strategy Builder
A tool to build and analyze automated trading strategies

QuantConnect C# guide
A guide for developing an algorithmic trading strategy for C#

A back-testing framework and a quantitative trading platform written in C#

Java/JS Resources

Node.js framework for backtesting FX trading strategies. Also provides ability to code custom strategies and custom indicators

SubMicro Trading
A Low latency trading system in Java. The platform supports FIX, and is a concurrent component based algo trading platform

Wolf Trading
An automated trading platform by Janusz Slawek. Built-for automated trading on the FX market

Python Resources

A python library to download market data via Bloomberg, Quandl, Yahoo. Provided by Saeed Amen of CueMacro

Tia: Toolkit for Integration and Analysis
GITHUB resource for algorithmic trading analysis

Ultra Finance
GITHUB Resource for back-testing algorithmic trading