Part 1 and 2 (new): Webinar Series on Algo Trading with Yves Hilpisch | On Demand

Looking to dive into the world of algorithmic trading?
We’ve teamed up with Yves Hilpisch*, a seasoned quant trader to bring you an exclusive 3-part Algo-Trading webinar series to teach you about the value of FXCM’s free historical data and how it can help you build an automated strategy using FXCM’s new REST API.

Watch Part 1 now:

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Part 1: Python and Historical Data
Tuesday, 24th October | 12 pm BST Introduction to:

  • Python for data analysis
  • Pandas for time series management
  • Downloading and using tick data from FXCM
  • Visualizing tick data from FXCM statically & interactively

Watch Part 2 now:

Tuesday, 14th November | 12 pm GMT Introduction to:

  • FXCM Python API wrapper
  • Retrieving historical data
  • Working with streaming data
  • Placing orders

Part 3: Strategies and indicators
Tuesday, 5th December | 12 pm BST Learn to:

  • Calculate typical technical indicators and pandas
  • Visualize technical indicators interactively
  • Formulate trading strategies
  • Vectorize backtesting of trading strategies
  • Formulate simple automated trading strategies

And More…

As part of the series, Yves will provide an introduction to Python!

One of the most commonly used coding languages in the Quant world.