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In Search of Concepts: The Effects of Speculative Demand on Returns and Volume abstract

Centrality measures in networks based on nodes attributes, long-range interactions and group influence abstract

Transparency and Security in the Derivatives Market: The Brazilian Case abstract

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Trading Costs and Informational Efficiency abstract

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Investment Horizon and Portfolio Selection abstract

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Detection of intensity bursts using Hawkes processes: an application to high frequency financial data abstract

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Information Contamination abstract

A Consequential Bug in Yogo (2006) abstract

Carry Trades and Monetary Conditions abstract

"Butterfly Effect" vs Chaos in Energy Futures Markets abstract

Savvy Parent, Savvy Child? Intergenerational Correlations in Returns to Financial Wealth abstract

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Do Equity Analysts Benefit from Access to High Quality Debt Research? abstract

Market Liquidity after the Financial Crisis abstract

Generalization error minimization: a new approach to model evaluation and selection with an application to penalized regression abstract


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